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LED 3D Channel Lettering Signboard 

Normally LED signs use lower power and this lower power requirement results in less strain on the environment thereby provides a friendly environment. It also helps people adhere to stricter energy standards, and makes a significant reduction in lighting costs. Moreover, if the signboard with LED 3D Channel Lettering is in indoors,  people need not to worry about it warming up the indoor shops.

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Petaling Jaya Signboard Company​


LED 3D Channel Lettering Signboard

LED Backlit

Signboard with LED backlit provides a softer light when people see it at the first sight.

LED Exposed

LED exposed signboard design makes the signboard looks more unique and brightly.

LED Frontlit

Signboard with LED frontlit looks amazing and also provides a better brand sign for people.

LED Light Bulb

Signboard with LED light bulb known as an eye-catching design which definitely can attract people. 

LED Frontlit & Sidelit

It lights the face and the side of the signboard if the signboard contains both LED frontlit and sidelit.

LED Frontlit & Backlit

Signboard light up brightly and brilliant if it comes togetehr with both frontlit and backlit designs.