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LED 3D Channel Letters Signboard 

One of the main things defined LED signboard is its striking brightness. LED signboard is unique in that it produces a clear, yet brilliant light. It also stands out boldly in the night and is even intense enough to see when the sun’s shining. No matter what time of day, people can get a clear impression of LED signboard and logo. In addition, regardless of whether customers or people are walking or driving past, they can also see clearly of the LED signboard. 

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Kuala Lumpur Signboard Company​


LED 3D Channel Letters Signboard

LED Frontlit

Signboard with LED frontlit means that it will light the face of the signboard only. 

LED Frontlit & Backlit
Signboard can come together with both LED front-lit and back-lit designs. It can be customized with two or more different colour.

LED Backlit

Softer light and hidden brightness will be appeared if the signboard with LED backlit design because it only light the back of the signboard.

LED Exposed
LED signs with exposed LED design gives your brand sign a more special view and can attract people at the first sight.

LED Frontlit & Sidelit

Signboard with LED frontlit and sidelit designs will light the face and the side of signboard which makes the signboard more brightly.

LED Light Bulb
Signboard with LED light bulb provides a great view and impress others at the first time.