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LED 3D Channel Letters Signboard 

Every company has a signboard which represents the tool of brand recognition of company for people or customers. Mostly companies like to use signboard with LED 3D Channel Letters. This is due to signboard with LED 3D Channel Letters is quite attractive and can impress people or customers.  LED signboard is particularly popular in market nowadays because they can be long lasting.

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Ipoh Signboard Company​


LED 3D Channel Letters Signboard

LED Frontlit

LED Signboard frontlit provides a better brand sign for people at the first sight.

LED Frontlit & Backlit
Signboard also available in combination of both LED front-lit and back-lit designs. It looks brightly at night. 

LED Backlit

Softer light and hidden brightness will be appeared if the signboard with LED backlit design. 

LED Exposed
LED signs with exposed LED design gives your brand sign a more special look and absolutely can attract people at the first sight.

LED Frontlit & Sidelit

Signboard with LED frontlit and sidelit designs give different feeling for people. It will light the face and the side of signboard.

LED Light Bulb
Signboard with LED light bulb-designed definitely will provide better appearance which is more impressive to customers.