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Kuala Lumpur Signage Maker 2013-01-11

      Signmaker.pw was set in various years to the specific requirements of signage. As one of the most experience signage companies in Malaysia, we have various experience working with difference type of clients and reputable designers to shape the images of many of the most well-known establishments in the neighboring markets.


      More than just typical sign fabricators, Signmaker.pw are solution providers by offering our clients comprehensive turnkey solutions and results. What this means is that we work with clients and designers to implement their signage solutions, from the very beginning to the end. Our team works with you though every stage of the project in order to deliver a customized solution; starting from the initial design overview to the sample mockups; fabrication of the sign and finally installing them at site.


      The types of signage solutions that offer by Signmaker.pw which include Corporate Signboard, Outdoor Sign, Indoor Signage, Exterior Signboard, Building Sign, Shop Sign Board, Office Signage, Custom Signs, Custom Made Signboard, Advertising Sign, Architectural Signage, Monument Signs, External Signage, Internal Signage, Epoxy Letters LED Light, Wall Sign, Wall Signboard, Wall Mount Signs, Illuminated Signs, Non-illuminated Signboard, Metal Letters, Aluminum Letters, Acrylic Letters, Plastic Letters, Stainless Steel Letter.

      For custom make Sign Board, we are able to manufacture 3D Box Up Sign, 3D Box Up

Lettering, 3D Letters Signs, 3D Dimension Letter, 3D Dimensional Letter, 3D Channel Letters, 3D Signage, 3D Box Up Lettering & Logo, 3D Letter & Logo, Channel Letter Signs, 3D Embossed Letters, LED Sign, LED Light Signboard, LED Lighting Signage, LED Backlit Signs, LED illuminated 3D Letters, Light Box with 3D Box Up Sign, 3D Dimension illuminated Signs, 3D Channel Letters with Light Box Signboard, Neon Sign, Neon Light Signboard, Neon Lighting Signage, Neon Tube Lighting & Signs, Wood Base Sign, Wooden Background Signboard, Wooden Signage.