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Kuala Lumpur Sign Board Manufacturing 2013-08-08

Signmaker.pw is specializing in design and manufacture of various types 

of signboard or signage which able to strengthen your business or brand. We 

are able to solve all your advertising problems.

Experience Signmaker.pw advantages:

     Professional service

     Extensive experience

     Reasonable price

     Standards and quality assurance

     Attractive products                    


products range:

Neon Sign, Neon Light Signboard, 

Neon Lighting Signage, Neon Tube 

Lighting & Signs, LED Sign, LED Light 

Signboard, LED Lighting Signage, LED 

Backlit Signs, LED illuminated 3D 

Letters, Wood Base Sign, Wooden 

Background Signboard, Wooden 

Signage, 3D Box Up Sign, 3D Box 

Up Lettering, 3D Letters Signs, 3D 

Dimension Letter, 3D Dimensional 

Letter, 3D Channel Letters, 3D Signage, 

3D Box Up Lettering & Logo, 3D Letter 

Logo, Channel Letter Signs, 3D 

Embossed Letters, Light Box with 3D 

Box Up Sign, 3D Dimension illuminated

Signs, 3D Channel Letters with Light 

Box Signboard.