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Kuala Lumpur Advertising Company 2013-01-07

Signmaker.pw  is a trusted name in 

signage industry for performing work 

in time with excellence.

Signmaker.pw  is specialize in 

signboard design, signage design for 

company, office and shop sign 

advertising. Our company make a 

range of design corporate signboard, 

outdoor sign, indoor signage, exterior 

signboard, building sign, shop sign 

board, office signage, custom made 

signboard, architectural signage, 

monument signs, external signage, 

internal signage, epoxy letters LED 

Light, wall sign and so on.

Signmaker.pw is specialized in 

customized signage manufacture. We 

have full talented professional graphic 

design team to help you design the 

company signage and will make sure 

that signage is unique and special. 

Our graphic design members keep 

themselves updated with the latest 

technology and trends of the market 

to design the signage accordingly.

Signmaker.pw  aim is always keep 

our customers happy, satisfied with 

our services and our policy is to 

keeping good relationship with 

customers in order to get repeated 

business. We make customers 

satisfied by deliver uncompromising 

quality with integrity.

For questions or consultation 

regarding  signboard and signs, feel  

free to contact us,  please visit our 

official website.